Founded at the kitchen table by Seattle native Carnisha Rodgers, Something Different Accounting was established to offer high-quality accounting services at affordable pricing. Carnisha and her staff bring unlimited resourcefulness and care to every client by being an intricate extension of their team. Something Different Accounting recognizes that many companies receive inadequate financial services since they don’t require full-time accounting staff.


Here at Something Different Accounting, our mission is to Educate, Empower and Inspire financial literacy through education and training.


Carnisha Rodgers


Born and raised in Washington State Carnisha was first introduced to finance at the age of 12 and this sparked a love for investment and accounting. Intrigued with wealth management Carnisha decided to pursue a career in Business. She is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully operated several businesses throughout her career. She brings her positive energy and resourcefulness to everything she engages in.

Linh Dao


Born and raised in Vietnam, Linh started her career as a Middle School Teacher before relocating to the United States. Linh earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in the United States before joining Something Different Accounting in 2017. With over 10 years of accounting experience, Linh brings her attention to detail, inquisitive nature, and natural leadership to every client she services.

Aquillah White


Aquillah grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, where she was an English major at Cornell University. Her passion for accounting grew from her position as Convenience Store Manager during college. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree, Aquillah spent several years as a non-profit accountant before making the exciting cross-country trip to Seattle, to join Something Different Accounting in 2020. Aquillah is a self-motivated problem-solver who is excited to contribute to the success of her every client.


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